“After losing my father this past November photos and videos of him were very comforting, but nothing captured his personality. Mollie’s portrait of him depicted his true charisma and genuine interest in others in such a lovely way.  Her creative interpretation of him has such a soft, ethereal feel, and still caught the glimmer in his eye! Thank you Mollie for giving my family and I a beautiful remembrance of my amazing dad!”

Jack Reilly commission digital painting


“I commissioned Mollie in November in readiness for a Christmas present. Mollie was nothing but professional, honest and friendly through the process. We had a bit of a photo shoot and then I waited for the call to let me know it was finished (approx 2 – 3 weeks), which to be honest I was dreading. What if I didn’t like it? What if I thought it was awful. Well I had a tear in my eye as I went to view it – it was the perfect representation of her – so so life like and totally amazing. I can’t recommend Mollie enough if you are looking for a pet portrait (and her classes as pretty fabulous too).”

blue french bulldog Wilma small  


“I’ve loved horses for as long as I can remember and ‘Galloping Horse’ stopped me in my tracks the first time I saw it. Mollie has effortlessly captured strength and power in this amazingly detailed painting. As with all of her portraits of animals the most important element caught and transported to paper is their character.

The movement in this beautiful image is striking and while only a portion of the horse is offered, what remains is left to the beholder. This timeless piece of art has left an impression on anyone lucky enough to see it and I’m truly blessed to have it in my home. If it’s the character of a pet you’re looking to secure forever then I can not recommend Mollie enough. “



“Mollie met with Ebony, our black cocker spaniel, and got to know her and took lots of photos. I was, and still am, overwhelmed when she produced this beautiful lino print of her. She has managed to capture Ebony’s character so beautifully, there is so much life in the image. I thoroughly recommend her work.”

Ebony the working cocker spaniel


“I commissioned Mollie to come and photograph my dogs for her to do a lino-print of my two schnauzers for a Christmas present for my husband. I saw the print that Mollie had done of Stanley and wanted to create something similar which she most certainly did. She captured both of my Schnauzers cheeky personality to a tea. I would thoroughly recommend Mollie to create a print of your pets.”

Schnauzer Dogs star watching  


“A friend had commissioned Mollie to paint a picture of her lovely dog, Monty. When I saw the finished product I knew I had to get one of my beautiful cat Bonnie. Mollie came around to take pictures and I have to say the finished result exceeds all expectations! I’m well aware that Bonnie isn’t the easiest to depict – she’s not the friendliest of cats with people she doesn’t know, she’s so fluffy and a rather unique colour. But honestly, I absolutely love my picture of her, especially the eyes. It looks exactly like her and I shall treasure it forever in pride of place…It’s amazing!”

Bonnie, a lilac British shorthair  


“It was an impulse buy! I had called into the refurbished Holybourne Post Office and couldn’t fail to notice the stunning artwork on the wall. I was immediately tempted to have Monty, our lovely Basset Hound, immortalised in acrylics. Mollie visited our home to take numerous shots of Monty and six weeks after deciding on the best pose, Mollie presented us with a handsome portrait of our boy, perfectly captured for ever. Thank you Mollie”

Monty, the Bassett Hound  


“I approached Mollie to paint my beautiful black Labrador dog Bess, having seen her wonderful acrylic prints of British wildlife. Mollie was so careful to take the right photographs to work from – having previously been an art director of photo shoots really gives Mollie the eye to initially capture the essence of an individual animal and its personality. She is clearly a huge animal lover, used to dogs, cats and horses and worked around Bess very sensitively. I am absolutely delighted with the amazing framed picture that Mollie presented us with. It is a fabulous representation of the Labrador breed, so much so that many people have asked Mollie subsequently for prints. To us however it is a perfect immortalisation of our beloved Bessie dog. Thank you Mollie for giving us something to really treasure.”



“I have long been a fan of Mollie’s work, coveting especially her beautiful painting of a startled Hare. However, when I saw her painting the Raven I knew that that was the one I wanted to buy in original. I love birds and I particularly love the birds in the Corvus family as I find them both fascinating and incredibly beautiful. My amazing Raven majestically hangs in my bedroom so I can gaze at him on waking and going to sleep.”



“To me the Kingfisher is the iconic bird of the British countryside and I had always been fascinated by them.  Having seen the beautiful, original painting capturing to perfection this wonderful bird, I just had to have it and it now graces my house in America. My husband and I love it and the fish it has just captured and we couldn’t be more pleased that we now own it.”



“Ever since I was a little girl I have dreamt of having my own horse and a year ago in an amazing turn of events I was given a beautiful grey mare. Ever since I saw Mollie’s artwork I have dreamt of owning one of her stunning paintings of grey Andalusians and I am now the proud of owner of an original painting too! Her artwork completely captures the beauty, delicacy and strength of the Andalusian and I adore it!”



I had been familiar with Mollie’s work for a little while when I decided that I wanted to purchase an original, because I knew that I would regret it if I didn’t. Although the giclée prints (I already own a few of these) are incredible quality, there is something extremely special about owning an artist’s original work. One of the hardest decisions I had to make was which one to choose. I went with my heart though and the snow leopard won. She has managed to capture the playful feline element, whilst still capturing the magnificence of such a wild cat. I am thoroughly thrilled and shall look forward to adding to my collection in the future.



Mollie’s Zebra has always been my favourite of her animal prints & so I jumped at the chance to own the original. It sits pride of place above our fireplace & makes me smile every time I look at it! Mollie’s attention to detail in all of her pictures is astounding & I always look forward to seeing what is coming next.